Credit Repair Mistakes II

Earlier we discussed some common credit repair mistakes… the following are a few more:

Disputing items online is also big mistake. Utilizing the credit bureau’s online credit dispute system, known as eOscar, will leave you without a paper trail or proof of the dispute. Also, there are baffling loopholes in the FCRA (Fair Credit Reporting Act) that give the credit bureaus distinct advantages when you dispute online.

When fixing credit, there is no quick fix. It’s important not to be unrealistic. The truth is that the process can take up to a year. Furthermore, negative credit history items like bankruptcies, foreclosure and tax liens may be impossible to remove from your credit report, therefore, you will be waiting out the full seven years for it to fall off on it’s own.

Finally, don’t give up! Bite off a little at a time. You may consider consulting a credit repair agency to consult or assist you in the process. For more information on credit repair, take a look at Remember, whatever course you take to improve your credit score, it will be worth it in the end.