Advantages to a Natural Healing Degree

Written by: American College of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine

A degree in acupuncture, or any other type of natural healing, will equip students with everything they need to run their own office. Good programs will arrange for students to spend some time watching other physicians work, and listen to professionals talk about their experiences.


Healthcare administration schools arm students with the knowledge they need to run a practice, from front to back. This includes knowledge of how to handle patients, how to diagnose them, and how to devise a treatment plan that will compliment their existing medical care.


Learning to manage a practice is just as important as being able to perform the skill. After all, you can’t pay off your loans if you don’t know how to find new patients and sell your services to them. Students learn the basics of marketing a practice, how to find new patients and they have the opportunity to listen to real professionals talk about billing patients.


Holding an alternative medicine degree does not make someone a full-fledged acupuncturist, but it will help find work and build experience. Try to use your time in college to apply for internships and spend some time in someone else’s office. Take note of basics like the staff required to run the office, the type of clientele the therapist sees, and the software they use to record patient information.

Final Thoughts

By the time you leave a school of natural healing, you should have a firm understand of how acupuncture works. After schooling is over, conduct informational interviews with acupuncturists in your area to get their perspective.

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