Benefits Of Earning a Microsoft Certification

Written by Brand College

Earning a Microsoft Certification presents several advantages, especially for people wishing to embark into an IT career. This certification is a great way of proving your capabilities in IT and it also improves your chances of getting hired by a company. Enrolling in a Microsoft training course is not complicated and it does not take much time to complete it.

Demonstrate skills level objectively

Saying that you are skilled in a particular field is something, but showing that you are certified in a skills is another. Having a Microsoft Certification creates an impact in the mind of recruiters or potential employers. It is an objective way of demonstrating your skill sets, especially if the job that you applied for requires this certification. A third party validation like this one is not only objective, it is also reliable. Microsoft had published some statistics showing that 9 out of 10 recruitment managers use this certification as a criteria for selection.

Professional advantage regarding new technologies

Microsoft Certified employees generally show a deeper understanding of software concepts and functions. These people have also demonstrated an aptitude to better understand new product features as they were launched.

Skills lead to increased income

A non-negligible advantage of this certification is that, people who have earned it tend to be better remunerated than their colleagues. This might be due to the accrued competency. Some organizations have set up policies to reward their employees for improving their skills with training.

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