Higher education in New Jersey

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The state of New Jersey thrives with a great amount of options when it comes to higher education. The state currently counts thirty-one colleges and universities offering four-year cycles. Moreover, it counts 19 colleges with two-year programs across the twenty-one counties located in the New Jersey.

New Jersey is full of academic history. It is the only one of the thirteen original US colonies to have had two colleges before the promulgation of the Declaration of Independence that happened in the year 1776. For instance, Princeton University was founded in 1746 and established by a group of the New Light Presbyterians. The Rutgers University which was previously known as the Queen’s College was founded in the year 1766.

New Jersey also offers several state scholarship programs. The aim of these scholarship programs is to help students stay in the Garden State when the time comes to go to college and to encourage them to keep achieving high scores. Another program is the Edward Bloustein Scholar program. This is an award that is granted to high school students who have ranked in the first 10% of their class at the completion of their junior year. There are several other academic criteria that would need to be respected for the scholarship to apply. The student would then receive around one thousand dollar every year with the condition that they attend a college in the state of New Jersey.

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