How to prepare children for a relocation

Written by The Steele Group Sotheby’s International Realty

Relocating to a brand new community with your family can be a great experience. If you have young children, coping with this change of location, might be a little difficult for them. This would especially be the case if your child was particularly attached to the previous town, school and friends. The logistics behind the move might also be an influencing factor on your child’s adjustment. If the move is further from your current town, the adjustment might be more difficult.

However, for many children, relocating might be a positive experience as it enables them to see new things and make new friends. The child would have the opportunity to discover a brand new side of the world and to develop new interests and hobbies. This experience could also improve the child’s social interactions and confidence. The role of the parent in preparing for the move is to stay positive and to reassure the child.

If you child, is younger, he/she is more likely to be worried about fitting in with new classmates and coping with a change in teachers and academic demands. A younger child might find it easier to adjust to a new school if they have an older sibling attending the same school.

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