Public Schools Choices in Ridgewood

Written by Ebergen Country Homes

One of the important factors in choosing new homes to rent or buy, are the nearby landmarks like schools and hospitals. For families, choosing a house that’s near the school is one of the deciding factors. Can you find good schools for your children without breaking the bank? It’s true that a good school district has higher real estate rates. However, it does not mean that your child will get the best learning opportunities.

The best way to determine if a district you’re planning to move in has good education practices is to visit the schools. If you are looking for Ridgewood and Glen Rock homes for sale, and you also have children who are going to transfer schools with you, take some time to visit the schools nearby. You can ask around or observe evident cultural behaviors among the faculty and the students. You should be able to get an answer if the school philosophy and educational system is what you think your child needs.

The Ridgewood district has several public schools for all levels from preschool to high school. There is one public day care center and preschool, the Glen School. The district has six public elementary schools; Henrietta Hawes, Orchard, Ridge, Somerville, Travell and Williard Elementary schools. There are also two middle public schools and one public high school, the Ridgewood high. The county also has numerous private schools that you can also visit.

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